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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Waiting sucks

This bites. I feel like the last four days have been the greatest waste of my life. All I do is sit around in the hotel room waiting for dinner and watching the same 6 Discovery Channel reruns and wish that I was racing my bike. Every day I get to watch everyone roll out for the days` stage then roll back in four hours later all dirty and shattered and I just wish that I was out there racing too, even if the weather has been shit.

Today is the first day that the sun has been out and it is a perfect day for racing - 20 degrees and little wind. The stage is a 135km circuit race held in St.-Georges de Beauce. I went down to get a coffee and watched the pack go by twice but it was torturing me so now I`m back inside, pre-packing all my broken equipment so that I can get the hell out of here as early as possible tomorrow morning. At this point the best thing is for me to get home, get beck to my normal training cicuits and develop a plan that will see me in top form at Canadian Nationals on July 10 in Kamloops.

The upside of all this is that I have had time to do some planning for the remainder of my domestic season and to start some planning for my European season, which should begin in November after Canadian cyclocross Nationals. Things are looking good with the Stevens group, so my cyclocross campaign this year should be much improved over last with proper training and living arrangements, and proper race-day support.

Only six and a half hours to dinner.


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