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Monday, February 06, 2006

Snowy Snowy Ottawa

So I guess it is not all that bad here in Ottawa, only -10 or so right now, and it has been pretty consistently above zero since I got back on last Thursday evening. It is supposed to get a little cold for the next week, but no problem because I get to rest for the next little while! No stress about training, racing, or getting cold.

As always, it was a little bit hard leaving Europe to come back here, but I am almost fully adjusted to being back here after the first couple of nights of poor sleep and days of cursing Canadian driving habits. Coming back here after these trips only serves to remind me that Ottawa is in fact a pretty nice place to live, and after all I do have family and a lot of good friends here.

Next stop is team training camp in Majorca, which is due to start 5 March. My appearance there will hinge on how my visa application goes with the German authorities, since I have utilized all my tourist days and there is also the small matter of actually getting paid by a German company. Should be a fun time.



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