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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hamburg Represent

Oh my. It's been like a month since I've put anything up on here...hope there are still some people checking in on this.

Anyways, there is a new Pez diary coming up soon so I won't bother to duplicate anything here, but just in case you don't know I am back in Hamburg again. I've been here for about a week and a half now; just starting to get settled in again but I'm off to join Coughlin in Belgium on the 31st after a race in Herford, so no chance of getting too comfortable. That's a bit rude, because just now am I starting get into the whole Hamburg thing. It's not like I didn't realize that it was a cool city before, but I'm starting to recognize just how dope it really is. It's easy to get around, good clubs, great shopping, cool people, good sense of city pride, and just a lot going on. This could have something to do with the x-mas season partying, or meeting new people and going new places but whatever, mainly I'm just getting into living here a litle more comfortably. And I speak better German after 5 weeks in Canada than I did when I left. Weird, huh?

Yeah- so my wrist is mostly better, I'm over my jetlag, got my ass kicked a couple times, ate lunch in the UK one day (jus' passin' thru, int'l jet set yo), drank some beers, recovered from some hangovers. Business as usual.

Johannes finally got the wireless LAN figured out on my new laptop today, which is rad, but I'm leaving for rural Belgium in four days (no WiFi), which is bad. So I'm on a bit of Limewire rampage right now, tryna stock up for a month on the farm. Should give me some decent food for my infant music blog, but don't bother checking it now cause ain't nothing on it.

I'd like to be able to say that the updates will be fast and furious in the new year, but no guarantees on that. Belgian farmhouse again. Here's my schedule as I have it set so far:

1) Dec. 30 - Deutschland Cup in Vechta
2) Dec. 31 - C2 race in Herford
3) Jan. 01 - GP Sven Nijs, Baal, Bel.
4) Jan. 02 - GP de Ster, St.-Niklaas, Bel.
5) Jan. 09 - Otegem, Bel.
6) Jan. 14 - GP Stad Genk, Bel.
7) Jan. 15 - GP Pierre Kellner, Lux.
8) Jan. 22 - GP Adri van der Poel (World Cup), Ned.
9) Jan. 29 - World Championships, Zeddam, Ned.

Tight, huh? Then it's home on Feb. 2 for a 2 week pause before I start training for the upcoming road season.



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