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Monday, October 17, 2005

One week left!

I hope that everyone had a chance to check out the diary on Expect a new entry soon as a wrap-up to my first stint in Europe for the 05/06 season.

Speaking of which, it hardly seems like 6 weeks ago that I got here. When I look back, training camp in Freiburg seems so long ago and yet the time has passed fairly quickly. Racing does that - you spend half the week getting ready, then you race for and hour and spend the next couple of days fixing stuff up. By the time you're done with the fixing, it's time to get ready for the next one.

I am spending some time today planning my schedule for when I arrive back in Canada. Lots of things to do, but I can't forget the racing angle. I think it'll look something like this:
1) October 29/30 : USGP races in Gloucester, MA
2) November 5 : Canadian National Championships, Barrie, ON
3) November 6 : Aurora UCI C2, Aurora, ON (look out Tim Johnson!)
3) November 12 : Chainbiter 2.0 UCI C2, Farmington, CT (long-ass drive, but need pts)
4) November 13 : Ontario Provincial Championships, Ottawa, ON
5) November 19/20 : A weekend off. Finally.
6) November 26/27 : ah, forget it - that's over a month away...

As you can see, a little busy.

Oh yeah, I did race yesterday in Hannover. No, I didn't win this one as predicted but that's only because management decided to send in their secret weapon Jens Schwedler to make sure the job got done. After I got the holeshot off the start and proceeded to take a faceful of grass after the barriers (while in the lead, how embarassing!), Jens and I rode away in commanding fashion. OK, so Jens rode away in commanding fashion and I suffered on his wheel like a bitch. Same deal in the end. So it was Jens in first, me in second at same time and Sebastian Hannöver in a distant third at 40sec. or so. Maybe next time. Another very bizarre circuit, this time in a semi-abandoned parking lot in an industrial/commercial area. Short circuit too- 20 laps to make one hour. My rear tire has lasted exactly 4 races with all the pavement kms we've been logging. Cool.

Talk at you later,


Blogger jr said...

Where the heck is the thing on PEZ? I looked high and low. I sent your tubular tips to my pal who just rolled one using the tape and glue method, sent him off to the Walmart for some furniture stripper to peel that crap off and use your method. Thanks, from a Yank.

10/19/2005 01:44:00 AM


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