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Friday, September 30, 2005

Same old

So. I just noticed that it has been a little while since I hit you with an update. It's not that I've been lazy, it's just that nothing exciting has happened since last weekend. Maybe that just means I'm getting into the groove more.

I suppose that I did get my second set of Mavic Ksyrium race wheels and some lovely new racing tires from Challenge yesterday. Bit of a jam to get them all glued up and ready for my first race in Harderwijk tomorrow, but no problem really. It's not like I have a heck of a lot else to do when I'm not training...

Checked out the Stevens factory here yesterday as well. Pretty organized and German, for sure. Lots of product floating around, but it's all in boxes so it's hard to see what's what. I'm told the 2006 line isn't in yet, so I didn't get any cool spy shots or anything, but I did see my #2 2006 'cross bike in-process so I guess that'll be ready soon.

We're supposed to get some of our new clothing today, which is a good thing because I think that we are required to be at the factory for a dealer open house on Sunday. Better to be in clean new stuff for that little affair I think. More photos and PR stuff I imagine.

After getting spanked around by Johannes on a local training circuit here on Wednesday it felt good to put the boots to him and Jens in training today. I just started to get a really good feeling for the cross bike today and by the time we hit this ~750m beach sand section of trail I was just jamming- no way anyone could stay with me. Oh yeah, that's also retribution for getting tossed off my bike 4 times last Sunday in training. I've got the leg wounds to prove it!

Here's hoping all goes well racing tomorrow. UCI C2 points race, so it'll be fast. For those of you reading this in NorAm - a C2 race here is ludicrously hard to actually get points in. They're a bit of a gong show back home, but here it's harder than a World Cup to score. At least in a World Cup the Belgian contingent is limited to like 7 or 8 guys and the points go deep. Really deep. C2 only goes ten deep and loads of Belgians usually show up. And that's only C2. C1 and it's not even worth going; Belgian World Championships two times per weekend.

I'll let you know after the weekend is out.



Blogger Matt Patterson said...

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anyway, dope - new ksyruiums. I hope you haven't become too pro to ride your road tires way past their limit (or ride on road tires for 3 months that other people are throwing in the garbage). I also hope you still ride with tubes that have 8 patches on them. keep it real

kick ass this weekend funboy... and post some pics of the whack german shit you see

9/30/2005 06:47:00 PM

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