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Friday, September 29, 2006

Still got some work to do...

So things didn’t work out quite as planned the other day. I didn’t find the right holes in the start, and I didn’t really have the horsepower to do anything anyway. Long story short, I ended up sucking wheels for most of the race, lost out in a 3-way sprint for 14th and finished on place 16. Again, not too bad, but not great either. One of my teammates stacked right in front of me on the first lap resulting in me breaking his carbon rim and then almost breaking my own finger in the pileup. Not that that had a huge effect on the race, but my finger does really hurt right now.

I don’t have to race again until October 3rd in Berlin, so I’ve been doing some long training rides this week, which is something that I have been missing lately. Things start to heat up a bit after that; here’s my schedule.

• Tue 3 Oct – Berlin Cross im Park C2, GER
• Sat 7 Oct – Harderwijk Prijs Shimano C2, NED
• Sun 8 Oct – Grote Prijs Neerpelt C2, BEL
• Sat 21 Oct – Kleicross Lebbeke C2, BEL
• Sun 22 Oct – UCI World Cup, Kalmthout, BEL
• Sun 29 Oct – City-cross Hannover, GER
• Wed 1 Nov – Magstadt C2, GER

There may be some races on the 14/15 weekend, but I haven’t seen the plan yet. I fly home on 2 November (assuming I can get my flight changed) and I’m planning on being at the Aurora UCI C2 race on 5 November.



Blogger bobwebber said...

Cool Greg, Thanks for updating for us fat old guy's over here.
Which finger was it... never mind!

In your honour I will ride my first cross race ever on Sunday @ Britannia park. Woo hoo!

9/29/2006 07:32:00 PM


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