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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Berlin done, next!

Long story short, I got pummelled again on Tuesday. 280km drive in 2 hrs. Dodge the dog shit in the team area. Turn a couple laps on the same course as last year - know all the corners, nice. Watch 2 of our juniors demolish the rest of the field on lap one. Try to convince myself that the 800km and 53x21 repeats on the Waseberg I did in the previous week had nothing to do with the somewhat heavy feeling in my legs. Pretend that the pinched nerve in my pelvis was in fact a figment of my imagination and was not hurting me everytime a got off the bike (4 stair sets per lap x 11 laps = 44 dismounts ! ). I pulled an amateur move and missed my pedal again at the start, flushing a very nice start position straight down the toilet...

So to look for the spite of all the negatives I still managed to pull off 16th, which is better than I managed here last year when I was arguably on some of my best form all season. One month to Nationals, 7 more Euro races. I'm not too worried. Still no UCI points, but Kalmthout is coming up soon and I'm planning on opening my account there.

Christian Heule won again. So, in one and a half weeks he's got 3 C2 wins, a top ten in the first World Cup and 4th on UCI world rank list. Dude is seriously on fire this year, and I'm proud to be able to learn from him.

The new Challenge tire profile is awesome. Beats the snot out of the old version, even though the changes are superficially minor. Almost as good as Dugast, way less expensive and more durable too.

Two more C2's in Holland and Belgium this weekend.

Motorpacing tomorrow - behind the Mercedes! (photos to follow)



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