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Sunday, March 05, 2006

So what's up?

The plane ticket is booked, hotels are arranged and I am getting out of here in 24 hrs. for the sunny shores of Majorca. The Stevens Racing Team training camp officially started today (5th March), but due to some confusion I am showing up a couple days later. No probs; a couple extra days to chill with my friends here in Ottawa is never a bad thing. I'll be flying KLM, which my travel agent assures me is dope, so I'll update you on the status of my first non-Star Alliance transatlantic experience when I get there. Pending, of course, internet access. I'm thinking that Majorca is maybe a little more wired than Tielt-Winge, but you never know.

Everyone is like "must be nice, Spain, get to lie on the beach...". Dude. I'm going there to work, so it'll be like 4 to 6 hrs on the bike every day rain or shine, and I'm going to be so worked that the beach is gonna look like a lot of effort. Besides, it's not SA hot there right now, only like 15 degrees C or something. Great for training, bad for tanning.

Had a great night out with the crew at 56 last night, which is pretty much my last port of call every time before I head back to my office in Europe. We kept shit pretty under control, and I don't think that I pissed anyone off too badly. If you're ever in Ottawa looking for a great place to chill/party/whatever, you're pretty much set at 56 (56 Byward Mkt.), and Saturday nights always gets you a killer set by Jim Reilly, who is hands down Ottawa's best DJ.

Good times,


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