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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oops, parts 1 & 2

I made a small mistake training the other day. JRA, I swear. That was Part 1.

Part 2 pertains to riding like a tourist today and nicely rounding out the back end of the top ten. I was really expecting a better performance...well, not really given the amount of training I did yesterday, but whatever. I think that if the course had been flat I could've done a good job, but no - total mountain bike course. Honestly, add a couple of kms and this was completely an O-Cup MTB course. Sandy, hilly, pine needles, braking bumps all over the place and not a single solitary dismount - sort of like Pleasure Valley. 2 major climbs and another 5 minor ones per lap, nothing flat. I have never seen a course more completely lacking in anything cyclocross.

Stevens didn't get the win today, but we came close with Birkefeld getting edged in a sprint. I brought it home toute seule in 10th. Long battle alone out there today.

Oh, and I have a big beef with the BDR now after getting a shitty start position today. I should have been first row given the amount of points that I SHOULD have in the Deutschland Cup series, but I guess if you're not German you don't count. Thanks guys. I only race here all year AND ride for a German team...



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