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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Apologies

I've been catching some flak for not updating this in awhile. I probably deserve it.

Here's what's been going on since Nationals:

- did the OBC race at Morrisburg while still (ahem) somewhat inebriated from the previous evening's festivities. Hangover came and went sometime during, so it was all good. Hardest race of the year, guranteed.

- drove 7-1/2 hours to Sterling MA, rode the hometrainer in my motel room that smelled of vomit, raced for an hour where I showcased the jersey well by getting the holeshot and riding in the lead for a bit, got popped and finished 5th, drove 5 hours back to MTL.

- 3 days later, I'm back in MTL at the airport to fly back to Hamburg. Uneventful flight, but really crappy films. Note to Air Canada - update your damn movie collection already!

- Worst jetlag, ever. I was a total zombie for like a week. You try sleeping 2 hours a night and training 4 hours (in what feels like the middle of the night). It sucks.

- Raced the C2 in Frankfurt this past Sunday. Figured I had a shot at the top ten if everything went right. Everything didn't go quite right, and I ended up on place 16. Not all bad, and I can tell the technique and general level of fitness are good. Just need to get the turbo back, no probs.

Here's what's up in the next little bit:

- "Mid-season training camp". We're not actually going anywhere, just training 5hrs a day in shitty weather until 24 December.

- Weinachten! 24 December I get to do the Christmas dinner thing with my friends Anne & Matthias and their families. No partying this year though, did enough of that last year to last for two.

- 26 December- World Cup in Hofstade, BEL. This should serve to rejuvenate my UCI ranking, as I am now in danger of slipping out of the top 50. Here's hoping my tires stay on. This is also the beginning of my sojourn in Belgien, where I will be staying at Josc's house yet again, in the company of my esteemed colleagues Tara & Neil Ross, Kyle Douglas (U23 Canuck champ, yo!) & Helen (Brit champ, cheers!) & Stef Wyman.

I'll be back in Canada post-worlds, start of Feb. I should think.

Stay warm back home!


Blogger Josh and Barb said...

It's about time you updated.I'm racing cross vicariously through others this season and there's barely enough good cross content out there to keep me sane.

12/20/2006 11:30:00 PM


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