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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Club Med

It's good to be back...Everything went OK with the trip - got through immigration OK, not too tired and all my bags made it in one piece. Didn't have to stress about travelling with a bike this time though, cause my new Vuelta SL was brought from Hamburg by the team. The bike, by the way, is totally dope; you can check it out at It arrived perfectly sized for me, right down to the proper seat height, saddle and bar positions (benefits of pro team support). Did I mention it is fully euro-ed out in a sparkly gold paint job? Like I said - dope.

I'm digging on the Majorca scene too. It's been like 20 C here the last couple days, but the wind is a little chilly so I haven't been able to ditch the legwarmers and long sleeve jersey yet. The place is fully rammed with cyclists, mostly German, and they all seem pretty excited to see a bunch of pros rolling around. The big names are all gone by now - they're all off racing Paris-Nice or Tirreno-Adriatico. But soon we get to join the action as our race program kicks off two weeks after training camp, which ends on 19 March. I´ve got the motivation to start racing again, which is great since it means that I will be suitably motivated to train again. Train, and eat a whole lot less. Like I predicted before I left, I'm getting hammered about my weight so it's time to step up and be careful about what I'm eating.

I hope everyone back home is dealing OK - cheer up, there's not much winter left! I've got to get out of here, because at the going rate of 2€ per half hour, this internet is not cheap...

hasta luego,


Blogger Matt Patterson said...

dude, that is tight. you are big time now. All i've been doing for riding the last month is super epic mountain bike rides.. there is quite a lot of wicked stuff around here and the new bike is primo for it. Been rockign with all these dudes who were mtb rulers in the early 90's (but they can still give seamus a run for his money on these trails). mtb fo real yo

3/10/2006 07:03:00 PM


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