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Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 - is it the new 2006?

A couple of interesting things going on...

1. The guys at have started up an online drive for funding to support the Canadian athletes going to CX Worlds in Belgium on January 27/28 2007. It's a pretty cool initiative and if anyone feels like pitching, head on over there.

2. There is a New Years phone interview with me posted up on right now. Just click on my face. No, it doesn't look like I'm actually talking at you but I do look a little stoned.

3. OK, this is the exciting one. Jason of has started a special "pro talk" forum, in which I will be the January "pro talker", or whatever you want to call it. He didn't blackmail me with secrets from my past, honest.

Racing news-

1. I took the hiding of a lifetime at the World Cup in Hofstade on 26 December. I was expecting it, but that didn't really make me feel any better about it. Turns out that racing once in the preceding month and being sick for a week beforehand wasn't great preparation. Who knew? The upside was that I wasn't alone in the caboose group- Wicks bodyslammed a tree, Powers just felt crappy, Troy Wells made us all suffer needlessly, and Tonkin tried to demolish the wooden stairs with his face. Not a pretty group of North Americans, to be sure.

2. Raced the SuperPrestige in Diegem on 31 December. Got a decent start position and once again found myself in the North American group but this time we didn't get lapped. Powers decided he was too good for us today and turned in a stellar top 20 result, Wicks made the group ahead of ours, and Eric stayed upright. Troy continued to put the smack down whenever the course opened up, and I felt a little better than I had 5 days previously.

3. Next race is tomorrow in Sint Niklaas. Love this course, and it will be the only race along with the Hoogerheide World Cup that I'll have done in each of my three seasons here. I hope to continue towards finding some form here.



Blogger mikebidds said...

Hey Greg
Hope the mud is comming out of that Canadian Champ jersey ok.
Good Luck Man

1/04/2007 06:52:00 AM


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