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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Big Hill, Big Gear

Was training on the hill from HEW Cyclassics the other day. I've already bored some people with this story, but I'll do it again. Normally training around Hamburg is pretty flat, but there is one hill in town that climbs up from the banks of the river Elbe and it is STEEP. It breaks down something like this - 300m @ 6%, 150m @ 10%, kicks to 18% for about 100m, then levels off at the top. AM- 3 times 53x23; PM- 4 times 53x23, 1 time 53x21. 170km. Then I was tired.

The criterium in Bielefeld last weekend was OK; big field at 199 starters. Had no problems staying in the front of the field, which was cool, and I did my work at the front for the team but I was not good enough to make the lead group of 16. Such is life. Maybe next time. The Dutch guys can corner, in case you haven't heard.



Blogger bobwebber said...

Keep it up Greg! Hope it all works out well over there this year. We keep checking on your progress so keep the updates coming.
FYI the Parc loop is now open for riding except Fortune hill which still has snow coverage. It will be gone by next week though.

4/14/2006 06:00:00 PM


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