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Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday Tidbits

There is another interview type thingy of me floating around on the web. is "cross love from the soggy northwest", set up by Molly Cameron and flat-mate Brian Ellin. Molly was here in Belgium with us participating in the mighty beat-down of North American 'crossers, 06/07 edition.

St. Niklaas went off on Tuesday of this past week and it did not disappoint. Fast, muddy, sandy, sketch. I turned out a top 20 there, but didn't feel like I was riding especially well. I'm kind of surprised that in the 3 years that I've done this race, no one has been ejected from the sketchy off-camber traverse into the lake. I think that the fans are secretly disappointed about this.

I ate shit training today. Basically I was descending a trench-cut sandy downhill at a good clip, started to feel the groove, pedalled a couple of times, then clipped my left pedal, flipped over, landed pretty heavy on my left side and then continued to slide downhill head-first on my back in the middle of this sandy bobsled run. Ouch. Took me a little while to get up and now my knee is kinda sore. No helmet, so I was lucky to get away with a toque-full of sand. Note to Americans- a wooly hat is a toque, not a wooly hat. Jeez.

Next stop- the 2nd annual Scheldecross in Antwerpen on Wednesday 10 December. All the Euro nations have their championships this weekend, so no racing for us.

Countdown to Worlds = 23 days.



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