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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I pity da fool...

...that has to scrounge for bit torrents (or some shit like that) of the Spring Classics. I just come home from training, make a coffee, sit down on the couch, punch in 25 and I'm watching it all live. Damn, those ProTour guys are strong. Schleck is on fire right now, but no one is going to let him get an inch up the road after his win in Amstel Gold. Boogerd was strong today, maybe one of the strongest guys in the last 30km, but going up the road with Joaquin Rodriguez at 18km to go leaving strong T-Mobile & Quickstep teams plus a bunch of heavy hitters in the group was maybe not a great move.

No racing for me this weekend, but training has been going alright and the weather is markedly better this week. Finally. I actually saw some green in the woods the other day, which was nice. And now that the wind is dying down I can really start to get the bike rolling, and that feels good in the legs.

In other news, we got our new Pearl Izumi Octane shoes the other day. Silver carbon & Titanium sole plate; these things are hot. Stevens Racing and the Lamonta team are the only people with these shoes right now, so that's also pretty cool. Oh yeah, and Adidas are kicking in with some dope eyeware too. Now we're all little Kloden clones.

I missed the Ottawa Paris Roubaix today; fully bummed about that. It's one of my favourite races, even if it is only an Ottawa Posse thing. Props to Bob Woods for putting that on. Which reminds me I probably should have made arrangements to give the cobble stone trophy back before I came over if anyone is looking for it it's on the shelf with the spare tubes at Cyclelogik.



Blogger said...

yo you crazy Tom Boonen look a like:

I was wondering if I could email you an interveiw and I could post it on my website. I can set upa perminant link to your blog if you want. I don't have a lot I can pay you for it but i could give the cash to your brother or something. It would be about 20 questions or something. I know that you are busy but it's be awesome if you could.

thanks - mike

PS - I'll be in France from Nov to Feb. So maybe I can go see you race so I don't spend all my time in the flat annoying my girlfriend.

5/01/2006 04:54:00 PM


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