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Monday, April 17, 2006

Rest? What?

Big race yesterday, back to training today.

First, results from Duren:
No time gaps though. Regiostrom put the smack down, holy crap.

Today we had the pleasure of more wind and rain to accompany 150km of motorpacing and echelon work. At least it dried out a bit for the last half, but that's when the wind picked up too - try 20kph on the flats, small ring, big power. Two groups of four swapping between echelon work in front of the car and recovering behind; not an easy day on the bike, but not as hard as yesterday for sure. We all showed up at the meet point expecting 2-1/2 hrs, so I think I was running on two small bottles and one Enervit bar for 4-1/2. Cool.

Oh, and that's right, no rest day tomorrow. Or the day after. Or until sometime after the two races on the plan this weekend. Who knows?



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